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Architecture Single Sign-On

How to set up a harbourmaster SSO

We provide a detailed technical setup description including a Quick Start Guide on our harbourmaster Single Sign On Github page

The harbourmaster SSO contains several components. Inspired by Micro Services Architecture.

System Components

The core component is the harbourmaster. It is fully API driven and manages user authentication and authorization.

The user facing component is the Usermanager, the main feature of which is a widget that is embedded in the website and backend, and sends confirmation emails and communicates with the harbourmaster.

The control center gives admins, product managers and call center agents access to all necessary information. Groups and policies are allowed granular access control.

The Authentication Gateway is a reverse proxy server which allows an easy HTTP HEADER-based integration in Backend applications.

The Drupal 8 Module integrates the SSO into Drupal 8.