"With harbourmaster, we offer a sophisticated and innovative SSO platform that is tailored to the unique needs of companies operating in a media environment."

"Ulrich Heckenberger, Valiton Managing Director"



harbourmaster Single Sign-On offers our customers maximum flexibility while maintaining state-of-the-art technical performance. User identification across various channels like mobile apps, content sites, shops and more is one of the central challenges for companies trying to obtain a complete picture of their customers. Using harbourmaster enables you to target your customers with an experience as unique as they are.

Easy to install on premise and in cloud

High-performance caching

Delivery of personalized pages possible, also through Content Delivery Networks (CDN).


Users and authentication can be managed through REST APIs. OAuth 2.0 identity providers are supported as well.

Cross-domain login

User login work on various top-level domains at the same time.

Social network logins

Users can register with their credentials from social networks - up to 140 social logins are supported.

Delivered by industry standard Docker Hub

Simply download, configure, and get started.

Thunder and Drupal compatible

Freemium plugin for Drupal 8 CMS with Thunder Distribution www.thunder.org.

Commerce and Paywall

Valiton single sign-on

User management

Authentification for access to the login area.


Flexible allocation of authorizations and roles to the user.


Gathering of newsletter/data-use permission (opt-in).

Paid content

Setup of paywall or paid content offers.